PRO FILIA Kantonalverein Zürich

PRO FILIA Kantonalverein Zürich is a Catholic, politically independent association whose aim is to help the female youths to solve their educational, professional and life issues.

  • PRO FILIA is committed to high professional and social competency at SOS BahnhofHilfe in Zurich main station. The SOS BahnhofHilfe is available free of charge to all travelers and overstretched people who need assistance or are in difficulties.
  • Apart from nationality, confession and social background, PRO FILIA provides au pairs to all parts of Switzerland and to Europe.
  • As an agency recognized under the Labor Relations Act, PRO FILIA examines families who have themselves sought an au pair from a third country.
  • PRO FILIA offers a professional placement of au-pairs in local families as well as the care and support of young people.
  • In addition, PRO FILIA arranges school holidays and language courses (long-term, holiday and special courses) including counseling and support in Switzerland and worldwide.
  • In the residential house PRO FILIA as well as in the Arche residential group, young women are available in vocational training and employment at affordable community accommodation.
  • With a central location close to the Old Town of Zurich, the Hotel Hottingen offers affordable and clean rooms.

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